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Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates. As we’ve said earlier on, we’re going through a major facelift just to make Oops! something that gets everyone talking. We know you’ve been waiting for so long just to see the next issue of Oops! coming out (we can’t help it that it’s once per semester, yo. We are after all, students) but rest assured, Oops! returns on the 12th December with yet another big bang.

Meanwhile, a new and improved Oops! website is on its way. Look out for it! I’ve taken a sneak peek at it, and it looks awesome. =) So happy waiting, have fun finishing your assignments and treasure your weekend!


Fusion- Ticket to the World

Written by
Shakeer Majid
Oops! Writer  

Photographs by
Justin Yeo
Oops! Photographer 

Cultural Crossovers at FUSION!

Guten Tag! Ni Hao! Bonjour! Ohayo Gozaimasu! Ahn Nyeong!

It’s simply incredible that there are so many ways to say ‘Hello’ in the world, and on the 26th of September, a little part of the world set up shop outside Singapore Polytechnic’s Main Library. Enter Fusion, a vibrant Cultural Fair organized by students and lecturers from the Foreign Language Learning Center (FLLC) to increase the cultural awareness of SP students, displaying five cultures and languages offered by the Department of Language and Communication.

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Oops! Back to School

Photography and text by
in Ban and Shawn Ho
Oops! Writers
OOPS! A Singapore Polytechnic publication for students by students
Department of Language and Communication, Singapore Polytechnic

To kick off the new semester, Oops! welcomed students back to school with ‘lollipop giveaways’! As part of the publicity, SP students also posed as ‘human mannequins’ who were seen holding on to gigantic Oops! teaser magazines in every food court. Definitely a show-stopping performance!

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SPRDC Drifts to 2nd Spot in SP-NP Inter School RC Drifting Competition

Written by
Mohd Ghazali Bin Abdul Hamid
Oops! Writer

Photographs by
Alec Goh Tee Chin
Oops! Photographer

On your mark, get set, GO!                              SP Team

The sound of screeching tyres could be heard a mile away from the SP basketball court on Saturday morning, 29th September 2007as the SP-NP Interschool RC Drifting Competition 2007 begins in asphalt burning earnest.

There were many models of remote control cars on display, from Subaru Impreza to Ford Mustang GT and even Initial D’s Toyota AE86, they all battled it out on the tracks. Continue reading

The Empire is back!

DJ Alec Empire performs at DXO on 20 September, first time in Singapore since ATR split 

Jasmine Koo
Oops! Writer
A Singapore Polytechnic publication for students by students
Supported by the Department of Language and Communication, Singapore Polytechnic

DJ Alec Empire, the experimental German artist will showcase his finest works in a 3-hour set at the Alternation party at DXO on 20th September. He last played here at Zouk in 1996. Empire was just on tour with NINE INCH NAILS right before coming to Singapore.

The founder of Digital Hardcore Records and Atari Teenage Riot (ATR), Empire is probably known as the most controversial electronic artist in the world.

His works span different genres of music, though he is more well-known for digital hardcore, a term coined by Empire himself to describe the sound made by ATR. Digital hardcore fuses elements of punk and electronica characterized with Empire’s trademark, spoken/shouted English vocals.

Oops! did a phone interview with Alec Empire in Germany, where he just finished a great show in Munich on 6th Sept at 3am, German time.

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What a blast!

Text and Photographs: Dong Tianzhao
Oops! Photojournalist: Jacob Yeo

The Student Personal Development Programme (SDPD) is held twice a year during every semester break. This installment of the programme marks the 30th run of the SDPD which was first launched in November 1992.

Each run of the SDPD features 70 different classes such as nail painting, cooking classes, horse-riding sessions all the way to ski classes and is designed to enrich students’ life at the Polytechnic. Through the SPDP, students become more socially competent by developing their civic and cultural awareness and adopting healthy lifestyles. With these life skills, they would be better equipped as they graduate from SP to the working world.

Oops! managed to be part of this run of the SDPD and attended two classes where we went skiing as well as cable wakeboarding.

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