OOPS! Recruitment

We are recruiting!

Ok, we’re just kidding. You’ll not be like him.

If you have a knack for writing, an eye for design or just full of ideas (the publicity team would welcome you!), you are invited to the family! Be warned though. Stock up well on coffee and Red Bulls. You’ll be needing them.

It might be sleepless nights for some and deadlines to rush, with the editors and lecturers breathing down your neck like your mums. It might be sweaty and tiring, as you help carry and distribute your fruits of labour and be subjected to mental torture by the mad lecturers. Just kidding of course – we love our Chief Advisors! 😉

But hey, if you really have the passion, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the process, gain lots of new (and some mad, funky, best of all, FUN!) friends and see YOUR WORK published!

Simply send us your full name, course, class, contact no, email and area of interest (writing, design, publicity) to WEAREOOPS@GMAIL.COM

Spread the love around. Recruitment ends 31 August.

OOPS! Magazine


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