DTRM Students Get Practical Service Experience

By Leonard Sin
Oops! Writer

Armed with wit, charm, and enthusiasm, second year DTRM students were quick to serve and keen to please at the Rosette Restaurant in SHA Villa. SHA Villa is the learning centre of SHATEC, the renowned hotel and tourism college in the region.

In collaboration with SHATEC, these second-year students were given a taste of the working world as captains, bartenders, waiters and runners, with specialisation in fine dining. They were also expected to improvise and squeeze their creative juices to come up with a special theme for different sections of tables.

A visit to the restaurant proved eventful; every one of the students that I encountered greeted me with a smile, and never failed to cease doing so after.

My table came with the romantic theme of “Le Phantom”, which was a mock-up based on the story of “The Phantom of the Opera”. Other unique themes that the students came up with included “Jazz” and “The Secret Garden”.

With each theme came a special mocktail and my table’s was, as my server described, “A recipe made to resemble the love of the phantom”. The drink had a sweet aftertaste which eventually turned to a slight bitter tang, which was what happened when the phantom proclaimed his love for his woman. Indeed, the flavour of the drink was interesting, and somewhat akin to that of another famous cocktail, the Malibu Sunrise but yet subtly different.

Being their first-time, the drink was very good for a mocktail, and of course the service the students rendered was impeccable. No wavering, constant smiles to the other diners, and best of all, the food was amazing, courtesy of SHATEC chefs. And as Clare Fu, a DTRM student said, “The experience was awesome, because we had the chance to run the whole restaurant and understand what frontline customer service is all about.”


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