Watch out!

For those who have expressed interest in joining us, Tips on how to win our hearts will be published soon!

Clarisse =)
OOPS! Editor


3 Responses

  1. I can’t wait ? xD

  2. how to join? what are the stuffs will i be doing after I join oOps ?

  3. it depends on which area you are interested in.

    For writing, you will start out as a writer. If you’re good at what you’re doing, you’ll be promoted to a sub-ed or chief editor. The scope includes attending and covering events, you may be required to take your own photos sometimes.

    For design, you will be involved in designing publicity materials like posters, floor stickers, zo cards etc or you will be designing the pages for the magazine.

    Photographer. Take photos basically.

    Publicity. Every single thing from securing sponsorships to advertising, writing of press kits, coming up with publicity plans, implementation of publicity plan, etc.

    To join, email to with the following information.

    Full name, course, class, contact, area of interest.

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