SMIT students serve the nation at NDP 2007

Muhammad Hakim Bin Rahim
Oops! Writer
On behalf of the 27 students from SMIT who served the nation at NDP 2007


Will you come on this brave journey,
Will you help to make it real
Will you write us grand new stories,
Songs that everyone will feel.
Lyrics from Will You, by Jimmy Ye

Who would be able to memorise the lyrics to “Will You” better than us, the 27 students from School of Media and Info-communication Technology (SMIT) who were stationed at the Marina Bay platform every week sun-tanning under the scorching sun since early May this year.

We served the nation, by providing them with visual supplement channelled to the two big screens on the platform. Yes, we were the ones responsible for getting ‘LIVE’ shots for the spectators. We’re the camera crew for NDP 07.

Hundreds from our course signed up for it and after battling through rounds and rounds of auditioning and receiving criticisms from the panel of judges, only 27 succeeded to be part of this year’s NDP @ Marina Bay. Okay fine, I exaggerated a wee bit about the grueling rounds of audition.

We’ve had our fair share of good food and erm, edible food ranging from KFC to Pizza Hut to yah, edible food packed in containers. And NEWATER became our very best friend. (Honestly, after drinking bottles and bottles of them, one could still not forget the ingredients to the perfect NEWATER.)

Rain or shine, we persevered, battling the sun with our sun block lotion, the rain with our suffocating ponchos, our thirst with NEWATER and the fatigue with an ice cream treat.

The climax would probably be the fire of passion, which is the fireworks segment. It marked the end of months of hard work and perseverance. It was quite an exhilarating experience for us, being able to put to good use the skills taught at SP to the millions of people watching the parade, both at Marina Bay and at home!

Happy Birthday, Singapore! From the 27 live feeders and the lecturers involved in NDP 07!

Pictures courtesy of the Official NDP website and the SMIT NDP 07 camera crew, Laimun and Nelson.

The first few combined rehearsals, when the platform was still bare.   We shoot, rain or shine.  

Under the scorching sun, yet looking fabulous

When we’re hungry, anything edible is nice…

It’s not a robotic duck, it’s a video camera


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