Tips on how to win our hearts


If you are reading this, congrats! You’re now one step closer in joining the OOPS! team. We are looking for individuals who can be dedicated in making OOPS! the best magazine in Singapore Polytechnic (even though there’s only one magazine catering to the entire school) but still, we want to be the best magazine in SP’s history.

It is very simple. You’ve read our magazine and you’ve seen or participated in our launch activities. The team at OOPS! have one mission in mind – We want to be different. There are tons of magazines, newsletters and other publications available everyday. To ensure that we cater to our audience and grab their attention, it is important to have engaging content.

YOU are important as the content of the magazine will be entirely in your hands.

To help you along, here are some tips to follow:


For those of you who wants to be a writer

1. Choose the right topic.

You know who you’re writing for. Choose a topic that will interest youths of your age.

2. Have a story angle.

After you have decided on the topic, it is important to set a direction for your article. If you are writing about shopping habits, for example, what angle do you want to approach your story? Are you going to focus about bad shopping habits or are you going to write about ways to help shopaholics? Having a story angle will keep you on track and focused.

3. Organize your article.

It is important to have a good title. It must be short, concise AND be able to grab the reader’s attention. The next thing is your summary lead. The summary lead is the first paragraph of your article. Your summary lead must be able to provide readers a summary of what your article will be about. Most importantly, organize and present your content well.

4. Be fool-proof. Be accident-proof. Be very very kiasu.


For those of you who wants to be a designer

1. Know your audience and know your client.

You must understand what your client (in this case, it’s us) wants and know how to cater to your client’s audience. Do your research on the look and feel that OOPS! has adopted for its magazine and publicity materials.

2. Grab attention.

Design is important for a magazine as it helps to capture the readers’ attention to make them read the articles. Your design must be eye-catching and attractive. Some simple ways to achieve that is to play with the contrast and colour of your designs.

3. No suggestive designs recommended. If you don’t want your designs to be banned by the higher ups, if you don’t want to explain yourself hundreds of times, if you don’t want to waste your efforts and resources, DON’T.

4. Proficiency in design

It will be great if you know how to use Photoshop, InDesign and Pagemaker, to name a few.


For those of you who wants to be a photographer

1. You need the talent.

This is an undeniable fact. You must have an eye for photography. Some people have it, some people don’t.

2. Know your subject well.

Understand what you are doing and the subject you are photographing. You’d be able to tell a better story through your lens.

3. Have basic photo editing skills.

It is required that you edit your own photos for shoots. Having your own equipment is a plus.

4. Lighting.

The common problem with the photos we get is bad lighting. You can always save bad photos except for the one which has bad lighting.


We hope that the tips we’ve provided would be useful. Of course, none of us are professionals at this and these are after all, just tips. What’s important is that you are able to capture the hearts of your audience and deliver a truly stunning performance (as they always like to say).

So, good luck with whatever that you will be doing and we’ll see you soon! Ciao!

Clarisse =)
OOPS! Editor.


2 Responses

  1. hi, i was wondering if the article had to be written very formally, and if it was possible to write it with a combination of different story angles? as for the photo-taking part, do you guys mind if the photos were taken deliberately (as in the scene was set up to be so)?

  2. Hi V,

    The article DOES NOT have to be written formally. We want to read things that are engaging and tongue-in-cheek! For articles, its recommended to keep to one story angle. After all, you have a word limit of 300-350, which isn’t very much.

    For photography, it is entirely up to you! Do what you want =)

    Hope it helps =)

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