Scandalous Photos!

To celebrate the success of our OOPS! school launch and Zouk launch party, the OOPS! committee and our cute lecturers went out for a dinner and a crazy camwhoring session. You’re in for a treat as we dish out some juicy secrets and scandalous pictures! Some of the footages might be potentially traumatic, you have been warned.

(We like to warn people, cos we always kena warned.)

From left to right, Bernerdette, Ferguson, Hakim, Clarisse, Farid, Peng Peng, Dominic, Jasmine, Fairuz and Leonard.

Leonard, our abusive committee member who likes to assault people with.. forks, no less!

An attack which left Peng Peng terrified.

The sicko decided to traumatize Peng Peng.


More spastic action.

Fairuz, our dirt phobic lecturer.Dirty her desk and you will be punished to dettol her desk thrice and then clean it with water. By the way, she gets high on sugar and will start erasing the air with an imaginary eraser.

And the highlight of the day!



2 Responses

  1. zomg. like. wat. the. hell.

    I thot it’s not gonna be leaked out???? HOW COULD YOU GUYS!!

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