Oops! Gets Exposed.

Yeah, updates on Oops? Nah, not that we’re dead, inactive and not doing anything. There’s been interesting feedback, ongoing competitions and awesome collaboration with some pretty big companies and exciting events coming your way soon.

Yup, it’s been an awesome experience to get people talking about Oops! Here are some websites that have been talking about Oops!

STOMP Media Club.

Collaboration with The Straits Times Online Media Paper, reporting news in and out of campus, to the public.


Our major sponsor, New Urban Male, who’ve been supporting us from the start, with the exclusive NUMtee series just for Oops!

SP’s Website

Frequent Oops! Scoop articles featured in SP’s main page.

Oops! Blog
Currently running on wordpress. Any current and former students of SP interested to host a domain for Oops? And doing up a website for us computer illiterate programming n00bs? Hah. Let us know.


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