SMACK that, yo!

Oops! Scoop!

Akon SMACK-ed the party!

Muhammad Hakim Rahim

Oops! Writer

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D’Marquee, Downtown East was rocking to hip hop and R&B beats last weekend when Akon was in town performing in his very first concert in Singapore.

Oops! Akon

The party kicked off at 7.30pm with Singapore’s respectable DJ Koflow spinning records and local rapper Krazie Starr heating up the atmosphere. Akeem, Richard J and beatboxer Zul from the Beats Society showcased their talents for the first-half of the show with B-boys JDI flaunting their popping and locking. But the crowd was more interested to see Akon himself than the local talents, though I must compliment Zul for entertaining us with his beatboxing and singing the tunes of My Humps, Sexyback and more!

Looking at the fans who resorted to sitting down on the concert ground and sipping Carlsberg, it was no doubt that the crowd was getting more and more impatient waiting for the real party to start. An hour and a half later, then came the voice, “Konvict, Music”.

Rocking the house with tunes from his recent album, Konvicted, Akon really smacked the party as he sang and interacted with his fanatical crowd with familiar numbers such as Smack That, Don’t Matter and Bartender.

Sadly, he performed only for an hour, just when the crowd started warming up, it was nearly over. Akon’s Smack That Party was awesome, to say the least. I could have just blasted my stereos in the comforts of my home but to party with Akon and his fans at D’ Marquee was surreal, it gets your hips gyrating and feet tapping. Smack that, y’all! This event was made possible by Downtown East: and Club Nebo:


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