SP students clinch top awards at GXL Season 01 Finals

By Clarisse Poh
Oops! Writer
A Singapore Polytechnic publication for students by students
Supported by the Department of Language and Communication, Singapore Polytechnic

 SP DARCH student Ivan Chin and his team {Bf.Nubz} battled it out with eight other teams at the GXL Season 01 Finals, from 4th to 5th August 2007. Their hard work paid off when they came in 2nd runner up in Battlefield 2142.

The GXL Season 01 Finals 2007 commenced on the first day of the World Cyber Games 2007 Asian Championships. Held at Suntec City Hall 602, the participants were mostly made up of secondary and tertiary students.

Here’s a recap of what Oops! asked Ivan at a recent interview:

OOPS!: How many members are there in your team and how did you guys came up with the name {Bf.Nubz}?
Ivan: Well, there are nine of us in the team. Our name stands for the game we’re playing – Battlefield, and NUB stands for No Use B*********** (you know what it means). Our team and [Bf.Nut], the team which came in first, are in the same gaming clan.

How did it feel during the competition? Did you guys expect to win?
Adrenaline rush! We had a large crowd in a small location so we were really nervous with all the people looking at us. It was slightly disappointing as we expected to come in second. We’re taking it as an experience to learn from.

What preparations did you make before the competition?
My team and I had weekly trainings and tried to play online as often as possible. To stay awake, I drank a lot of Redbulls. Since we do a lot of shouting to communicate during the game, I take Jia Jia Liang Teh to soothe my throat. It’s really good on the throat. Seriously!

Everyone knows parents and gaming don’t come in the same equation. Does it apply in your situation as well?
Contrary to that, my parents are very supportive. They drove me to the competition and stayed to watch me play. It is important to show your parents that you can manage your time well and not neglect them or your studies. Remember, don’t neglect your life because of gaming.

Is it true that gamers are usually nerdy?
Only a portion! And no, don’t look at me that way. I’m not in that portion.

Ivan and his team welcome challengers. They can be found at their forum www.bfnut.sg. Besides Ivan, another SP student, Taufiq Annuar and his team [Bf.Nut] won 1st prize for Battlefield 2142.

Ivan Chin (3rd from right) and his team {Bf.Nubz} won the third prize and $1,000


Taufiq and his team [Bf.Nut] won the first prize and $4,000



Gamers battling it out at GXL Season 01 Finals 2007


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