ROCK OUT Singapore!

Photography and text by
Dong Tianzhao
Oops! Writer

Body search – If Zacky Vengeance went to Marina Bay in that getup, I guarantee he would be stopped for a body search!

While the majority of the nation was watching the NDP Parade 2007 at Marina Bay and on television, a large group of music lovers spent their national day rocking out to bands at Singfest.

Singfest, a two day festival organised by MIDAS Productions was held on 8th and 9th of August at Fort Canning Park. Singfest hosted acts such as Avenged Sevenfold, MXPX, Cobra Starship, Cyndi Lauper, The Academy Is, Sugar Ray and Shaggy, just to name a few from the star-studded lineup.

COBRA STARSHIP – The starship has landed!!!

The crowd consisted of mainly teenagers to slightly older youths with a good mix of eye candy for both the boys and girls, although it could be clearly seen that all the girls cared about were the pretty faces up on stage. My ‘lucky’ photographer friend even captured three fans female fans flashing their assets to the frontman of Gym Class Heroes.

“I can’t dance but I will surely break my bones just trying!”

It was clear that the afternoon heat was not an issue for the fans as they sang, danced and moshed to each band that took the stage. A number of fans showcased patriotism by dressing in the national colours and I even witnessed a handful with tiny flags in hand.


William Beckette from The Academy Is
“Thanks for the autograph William! Erm… my girlfriend wants to have your baby!”

The crowd grew as night fell and it was clear that the band most people came to watch was American band Avenged Sevenfold. Aside from the number of people decked in A7X t-shirts, the moshpit almost doubled in size when the band was preparing to start their set. Avenged Sevenfold rocked the crowd so hard to the extent that the barricades holding the crowd broke open just about a minute into their opening song ‘Beast and the Harlot’.

It was also a pretty cool way to mark the nation’s 42nd birthday when the fireworks from Marina Bay lighted the night sky during the set-up of Avenged Sevenfold’s set to the cheers of the entire audience.

Drummer – The beat behind the Gym Class Heroes, and he also shines beams from his head!

“Going to Singfest with my friends and just watching the bands was quite fun and it definitely is a different way to celebrate National Day as going to the parade is quite the same every year!” said Syahmi Ismail, 19, a student in the School of EEE.

Singapore definitely needs more of such festivals to be held more regularly here! We have shown that we also know how to ROCK OUT!

Pretty boy of the day award goes to William from The Academy Is!

Santi girls! – These girls took a long time to get to the front of the barricades but left their places the moment we told them that William Beckette was signing autographs for fans at the back.

hmm, those really look like sandals from this angle!

Towel snatcher! – This girl wins the most “Ugly pit etiquette award” by snatching and fighting over a towel thrown to another fan by the Gym Class Heroes. She also screamed at people around her. My advice is to stay home and watch the parade on television if you can’t stand being in a MOSHPIT!


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