Oops! heads for the army barracks!

Dong Tianzhao
Oops! Writer
Photography by Jacob Yeo
Oops! Photographer

Oops! team at Army OH 2007

This year’s Army Open House (AOH 07) was held at Pasir Lebar Camp from 30th August to 3rd September. The AOH 07 was held as part of the NS40 celebrations, honouring Singaporeans who have served with loyalty and dedication throughout the years. Aimed at showcasing the Army to their key stakeholders and also the people of Singapore, AOH 07 was filled with fun and informative activities for people of all ages!

The Primus – We got the skies covered!

Jacob, Sammy and myself from the Oops! team went down to Pasir Lebar Camp to get a first hand look at army culture and experience. We were very fortunate to have met an officer, a graduate from Singapore Polytechnic, who took us on a personal tour of the whole camp and showed us the various activities that were happening as part of the army open house.

Sammy and Dong: Things we didn’t know about the army – interesting!

In the short time that we spent at the open house, we managed to visit the seven different worlds namely, the Combat World, Action World, Future World, Mission world, Battle World, ACE (Army Culture Experience) World and the Xtreme World. Each world showcased different aspects of the army and allowed visitors to take part in activities ranging from traveling in armored vehicles all the way to challenging themselves in an obstacle course.

In the Light Strike Vehicle – Singapore’s own rally race!

A highlight of our army tour had to be the visit to the live firing range when we shot at targets with the SAR 21 assault rifle (which was unanimously voted as the most fun experience for the three of us). We also took part in a scenario-based paintball game at Combat World, tasted field rations packs (which really tasted decent!) and sped through rough terrain in a Light Strike Vehicle which left us covered in dust but with our adrenaline pumping high.

SAF’s newly acquired mean machine – the Leopard 2A4 MBT
Defender of our people!

The Open House also showcased the Army’s latest acquisition – the Leopard 2A4 MBT, a 55.15 tonne war machine which can attain a top speed of up to 72km/hr. In fact, the 3rd Generation Army, which is at the beginning of a new journey, showcased new concepts and capabilities that optimises the use of technology with our limited yet extremely valuable resource – our people, to be a ‘leaner and meaner fighting machine’!

 With such enhanced technology, a superior defence system and an ever-ready team of dedicated people at the helm and on the field, it is no wonder that the people of Singapore can always sleep tight knowing that they are safe and secure in their homeland. As Captain Nicholas Wong aptly summed up, “This army open house is to showcase the 3rd generation army, and also let the public know that the army is all about the people and also allows the public to take home part of the army culture and experience.”

The Primus: Singapore Self-Propelled Howitzer 1
Our very own mean machine


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