About Oops!

Oops! Magazine was born on Thursday, 12 of July 2007, at 12 noon across all 6 foodcourts in Singapore Polytechnic. It was an idea proposed by a lecturer from the Language and Communication Department who then gathered a few of his colleagues to start the poly’s new lifestyle magazine which is for students by students themselves. Enthusiastic students then signed themselves up for a chance to design and write for the magazine.

Oops! was originally publicised as Spunk. As in the Oxford dictionary, Spunk means ‘the courage to carry on’. Part of a massive ‘guerilla marketing’ plan, the magazine was then ‘re-branded’ as Oops!

Oops! Magazine is a student publication supported by the Language and Communication Department of Singapore Polytechnic. It will be published at every half year (per semester) and is for internal circulation only. The magazine is the one and only lifestyle magazine in Singapore Polytechnic with a circulation to more than one third of the 15,000-strong student body. Oops! aims to bring human interest stories, latest fashion and technology reviews, lifestyle and entertainment news as well as sports and health tips to the campus goers!

As a magazine run by students, SP students will be able to relate to the design and content of Oops!. The magazine is run solely by the student editorial team. The publicity team plans the publicity campaign, secure sponsorships and advertisers while the design team design the entire magazine by themselves. Our sub-editors and writers set the direction of the articles and decide the topics and articles to be featured.

For advertising and sponsorship, do email us at weareoops@gmail.com


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    i’m Regina from a PR agency, sense asian, we would like to send a press release to you for a new exiciting youth club called nEbO!
    may i know whom can i contact or a mailing address to fill you in with more details?

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