Oops Returns!


Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates. As we’ve said earlier on, we’re going through a major facelift just to make Oops! something that gets everyone talking. We know you’ve been waiting for so long just to see the next issue of Oops! coming out (we can’t help it that it’s once per semester, yo. We are after all, students) but rest assured, Oops! returns on the 12th December with yet another big bang.

Meanwhile, a new and improved Oops! website is on its way. Look out for it! I’ve taken a sneak peek at it, and it looks awesome. =) So happy waiting, have fun finishing your assignments and treasure your weekend!



Recruitment Ending!


Our recruitment is ending soon. Hurry and send us your entries by 8 September 2007!

Insider’s Scoop!

Ready for another Fun Fact? This is a continuation of Fun Fact #9582. Here goes…

Fun Fact #9583:

And so the party that was known to little yet never happened continues. Some of you guys have seen stickers of Oops! logo all around the campus. This was supposedly to be it- when it was better known as Spunk.

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Scandalous Photos!

To celebrate the success of our OOPS! school launch and Zouk launch party, the OOPS! committee and our cute lecturers went out for a dinner and a crazy camwhoring session. You’re in for a treat as we dish out some juicy secrets and scandalous pictures! Some of the footages might be potentially traumatic, you have been warned.

(We like to warn people, cos we always kena warned.)

From left to right, Bernerdette, Ferguson, Hakim, Clarisse, Farid, Peng Peng, Dominic, Jasmine, Fairuz and Leonard. Continue reading

Tips on how to win our hearts


If you are reading this, congrats! You’re now one step closer in joining the OOPS! team. We are looking for individuals who can be dedicated in making OOPS! the best magazine in Singapore Polytechnic (even though there’s only one magazine catering to the entire school) but still, we want to be the best magazine in SP’s history.

It is very simple. You’ve read our magazine and you’ve seen or participated in our launch activities. The team at OOPS! have one mission in mind – We want to be different. There are tons of magazines, newsletters and other publications available everyday. To ensure that we cater to our audience and grab their attention, it is important to have engaging content.

YOU are important as the content of the magazine will be entirely in your hands.

To help you along, here are some tips to follow:

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Watch out!

For those who have expressed interest in joining us, Tips on how to win our hearts will be published soon!

Clarisse =)
OOPS! Editor

A Capella Group Bags 3 Awards

By Bernardette Yzelman
Oops! Writer

SP’s very own a capella group, ALTERED rocked the Esplanade Recital Studio last night with a stunningly exceptional performance. Formed by four of our very own talented students – Matthew Tng Ying Hui (DBIT, SMIT), 19, Lou Wei Xin (DBA, SB), 20, Mohamad Aimran Bin Rohani (DMAT, SMIT), 17 and Shahridzuan Selamat (DMMT, SMIT), 20, featuring Temasek Junior College’s Ryan Chan, 17 worked very hard amid busy schedules to be in the finals of The National A Capella Championships 2007. This national championship is an annual event organised by The A Cappella Society for youths to showcase a cappella music, give young singers an opportunity to gain stage experience and to provide a platform for new and established a cappella groups to present their talent to a wide audience.

With their soulful voices, charming personalities, and humorous antics on stage, Altered’s exhilaratingly energetic and well synchronized performance bagged the Audience Favourite Award and the Best Vocal Percussionist Award. The judges included some of the biggest names in the industry – Singapore Idol vocal coach, Babes Condes, Imran Ajmain, President of Beats Society and Oscar Pantaleon who flew in from the Philippines.

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